So I lingered…

Here I sit in my townhouse at college, sipping a mango Snapple and wishing I had my typewriter at hand…

My thoughts wander to other things as I end a phone call with my Mom.

There are some moments I simply like to observe. No interjections, No direct involvement, just simply being there and watching, or listening, as the case may be.

A few minutes ago, when I was finishing up talking to my mom on the phone, my niece was in the room with her and they started talking. My mom said she was going to read a story to her and then go back to cleaning the kitchen, but after we said our ‘goodbyes’ and ‘I love yous’, I simply lingered on the call and listened to her and my niece talk for a few fleeting moments.

There was something really special about it. It wasn’t even anything they said. It was just hearing their voices carry over the phone’s speakers.

It felt comfortable.

It felt peaceful.

It felt safe.

It felt like home.


Other moments, among friends…

I often find myself simply observing them during our conversations, movie nights, game nights, dance parties, walks, and lazy days, and my heart begins to overflow with love for every one of them, again and again.

It feels beautiful.

It feels happy.

It feels inspirational.

It (also) feels like home.


I find my home where my loved ones remain.

They are one in the same to me.

Love and Home.


So I linger.

After the conversations.

After the ‘parties’.

After the deep talks late at night.

After the phone calls.


I linger in the lulls,

in the quiet,

and in the noise of friends and family.


I wanted more.

I loved more.

I felt more.

So I lingered.



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