Our Beautiful Mess

This made me cry earlier today. It made me think of the friendships that I have found in the last few years, that have carried me through some of the most difficult times of my life so far.

God has blessed me with a circle of friends that goes beyond all of the hopes that I had held growing up. In every stage of my life, I had been hoping to find that great, loving circle of friends in that stage, or in the next. Always hoping for the friendships I had seen all around me, in youth groups, churches, schools, and families. I have a few long-term friends, and a few life-long friends within my family, but I had never come across what God had in store for me.

In the last few years, God has blessed me with some of the most loving, caring, and passionate friends that I never even thought I could hope for. I am blown away by them, and how God works through them in my life. Through them, he has shown me more about His love than I ever expected to experience at this age and place in my life. To see the love in their eyes when we are together.. it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. These friendships will definitely stay with me until my last breath. Since the days that each of us met, we have seen each other grow and learn so much about life, love, God, and ourselves…and so quickly, all because of God and the experiences we shared.

God has put us in each others lives for a reason. And I think this is it. To show each other, and other people, God’s unconditional love and compassion, and to experience life for the good and the bad together with God. These friendships mean so much more to me that I had ever anticipated. I am so grateful to God for putting these people in my life, at the best possible moments.

Some of my absolute favorite moments are when one person shares their heart, and the other, or several others, as the case may be, all support them and show them true, unconditional, compassionate love. The look in their eyes is indescribable in the beauty and the love that shows so strongly.



A Girl Like Me

We walked down the well-worn path telling story after story as Matt listened in, getting a glimpse into our past life. It was a weighted feeling of joy mixed with emotion and pain remembering the many life altering moments…standing in front of the dorm where Jenna and I first met freshman year…where we immediately became best friends, walking by the steps into the woods where I got the call that hit me like a ton of bricks, stepping into the quiet library where I spent late nights trying to cram as much information as I could into my exhausted brain, driving past spots where Jenna and I took study breaks to have random photo shoots…

It was a reminder that we have conquered many obstacles and had too many memories to count…

We walked down the hall of the Science center…again, spilling our stories to Matt about how we made…

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