Alright, so I always thought strength was either brute force, muscles, sweat, and grunts, or an inner strength of not letting things break you and being able to overcome anything, without feeling or showing any weaknesses.

I was dead wrong. At least about the last one. The bodybuilder woman who resembles a viking named Helga can still be considered strong, if you want. 😛

True strength is when you can show these weaknesses and emotions. I recently was on the receiving end of this.. I was really emotional about something really hurtful and deep and mind blowing, and I was bawling like a baby in my dorm room. My friend looked at me and said that I was strong, so strong. She said it was the strongest thing she had ever seen.

I was blown away. I had never even considered that I could be seen as strong with the tears running down my face and my expression resembling an angry mutated pug that had just been kicked. I have since been told this repeatedly when I’m crying or passionate about something. I’ll tell them that I don’t see it, I feel incredibly weak, etc, and they stand firm that they see me as strong in my vulnerability.

It really is a beautiful thing. I don’t like seeing people hurting, but when they express their pain openly to me, be it anger, tears, singing, or art, I feel incredibly honored and like I am witnessing a miracle of sorts.

We are all broken and hurt and struggling. But, have you ever thought about how your release and expression of your pain can speak to the people around you, the people who care about you? It is as much a testimony to them, as it is a sign of your character. So don’t be afraid to show your pain and cry, scream, whatever is necessary. It is beautiful, just like you.


Hope.. hope is a crazy thing…

On one hand, you don’t want to give on any hope…

On the other hand, you don’t want to be consumed by it…

So.. you have to find a balance. Not too hopeful, but not too cynical of that hope…

Trust me, I know, it’s one of the hardest things to find a balance for.

But I learned something recently.. Hope is a kind of confidence. Specifically, a confidence in Christ.

The way I see it, we normally equate hope with wishes… however, hope should be a certain kind of confidence in something good coming, not a wish for something better. Wishes don’t last. Wishes are merely things we say or think to try to convince ourselves that the odds are in our favor. Hope is much deeper. Much stronger. Much more stable and lasting.


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