None other…

No one else can do what Jesus did. He rose from the dead.. and never died again. He defeated death itself.

Any of us could be risen from the dead by God’s hand… however, no one else can stay resurrected forever.

It is only through Jesus that we can also “defeat” death… what that means is that we can only have eternal life after death in Heaven with Jesus.

John 11:25


The Nature of Love…

The most pure.

The most devoted.

The most forgiving.

The most satisfying love.

None other can compare.


This is the only love in which a man would willingly give everything to save a sinner.

To save me.

To save you.


He gave it all because of our mistakes.

He lost it all because of our hate, doubt, and defiance.

He did it all because of His unconditional love for us.

That is the nature of love.



Happy Easter, everyone! Don’t let the chocolate block your view of what Easter is truly about… or your arteries. 😛

Can I just tell you something?

Forget flashy words…

Shove all the niceties aside for now…

I’m not going to try to be eloquent.

I’m not going to try to be poetic or be beautiful in how I say this.


Have you ever thought much about it?

It is when your heart literally feels like it’s torn apart. Shredded. Burnt up. Demolished. Absolutely destroyed.

Every memory rips something else up inside. Every thought hurts, and many nights you cry yourself to sleep.

Every time you see them, the pain hits again, even for a split second, and you have to put on a happy face and try to push through it.

But you wanna know something else?

It does get easier.

As hard as it is right now… it will get easier.

It’s nearly impossible to believe that, but it does get better with time and prayer.

Right now you feel alone at night. You feel like you can’t see them or be around them for very long. You feel like you need to distract yourself or run away from it somehow.

Trust me, that’s the worst thing you could do. It won’t solve this. You have to go through it bravely.. not stone-faced… not putting on a mask… but go through it courageously. Cry however long is necessary. Throw things around. Scream at the sky, or walls, or whatever it takes. Let it out, and let it go. It’s so hard to do, but you need to smooth this out in the way that works best for you in the moment.